Central Kyoto 


Tucked between Shijo-Omiya station and Tambaguchi station, Modern Machiya is centrally located in Kyoto


Located near the Mibu-Dera shrine, the house and district has a deep history. The local temple Mibu-Dera, is famous as the place that once served as the headquarters to the infamous Shinsengumi, a special police force - Formed of master-less samurai (Ronin) - organized by the shogunate to protect their interest in Kyoto during a time of political turmoil between forces supporting the military government and those who wished to return to imperial rule. 

Because of how central the house is located to 2 major lines, you are centrally located to get to the old Geisha district of Gion within 15 min via the Omiya Subway, or arrive at the Hankyu Umeda Station in Osaka within 45 min door to door.

Distance from... 

Downtown Shopping      15 min Walk


Omiya Station                       9 min Walk

(Direct to Karasuma Stn                1 min)

(Direct to Kawaramachi Stn        5 min)

(Direct to Gion District                  5 min)

(Direct to Osaka-Umeda Stn    40 min)

Shijo Omiya Station    -      8 min Walk 

(Direct to Arashiyama                  24 min) 

Tambaguchi Station            7 min Walk

(Direct to Kyoto Station                 5 min) 

Hidden Kyoto 

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